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The Hostel - Rules

Know the hostel rules and our booking and cancellation policies.

If you are staying at the Pousada dos Franceses Hostel or intend to stay in the future, you need to read the rules and policies listed below. They were created based on years of experience receiving people from all over the world and they exist to ensure a happy, safe and respectful experience for every guest that stays in the hostel.

1. Check-in & check-out:
The check-in time starts at 1pm. Guests that arrive earlier should contact the receptionists if they want to store their luggage in a safe place while they wait for the check-in to start. The check-out time expires at 11am. In case they don't have a reservation for the next day, guests should remove all their belongings and hand in the room/locker keys at the reception before the check-out time expires, or they can be charged for the daily rate of that day.

2. Room/ Locker Keys
After the check-in our receptionists will give you the room key, or in case you are staying at the dorm room, your locker key. Please keep the key in a safe place, and if you are leaving the hostel, always give the key to our staff at the reception. If you lose your key, you will be charged the amount of R$ 15,00.

3. Under age guests:
Kids and teenagers under 18 only can stay at the hostel if accompanied by parents or guardians, and only in private rooms. Parents or guardians must show documents that proof that condition at the reception while checking-in.

4. Cancellation & no show:
If you need to cancel your reservation you must contact our staff at reservas@pousadadosfranceses.com.br with no less than 72h prior to your arrival date. If you fail to contact us until that time, you will not have any previous payment returned.

4b. Cancellation Policy for the World Cup 2014 (12/Jun/2014 to 16/Jul/2014):
For bookings canceled over 45 days before the reservation date, a 50% refund of the amount paid will be issued. For Reservation cancellations made within 45 days of the reservation date, There will no refund of the amount paid.

5. Identification:
To comply with the Brazilian law and aiming the safety of our guests, any person that wants to stay at the hostel must present a valid photo identification at the check-in.

6. Behaviour:
The comfort, integrity and security of all guests are important and must be abserved at all times. It is expected that guests have appropriate behavior to get along with others in the same common space and respect other guests, the hostel staff, neighbors and the hostel property. Anyone who puts in risk the security and integrity of our guests, staff and property or acts in a disrespectful manner, will be asked to leave the hostel premises and won't be entitled to any compensation in any order.

7. No smoking:
Complying with the state law no. 13.541 from 09/05/2009, it is forbidden to smoke within the hostel premises, and the transgressor will be asked to leave the hostel premises with no right to any compensation.

8. Drugs:
Drugs are illegal in Brazil. Any person that uses or possesses drugs within the hostel premises will be asked to leave with no right to any compensation.

9. Noise Restrictions:
From 10pm to 7am, guests are asked to keep the noise down. The Pousada dos Franceses Hostel is located in a quiet neighborhood. We encourage our guests to talk and have a good time enjoying the city, though we also want to ensure that guests have a good night of sleep when they want to.

10. Alcohol:
It won't be allowed the buy or use of alcohol by any person under the age of 18 in the hostel premises, being asked to leave those who disrespect this rule, which is based on a federal law.

11. Damage:
Damage taken to the hostel property and equipment, if caused intentionally or by lack of proper care will result on charges to be paid by the responsible for the damage.